Ethiopian Sidamo


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Blend Components: 100% Banko Dhadhato, Ethiopia

Certifications: Kosher, Certified Organic

Availability: Year-Round


Business cards represent not only your business, but it also tells people your professionalism in the industry. In the business world today, the usage of business cards is far beyond just informing people who you are, it serves as one of the most cost-effective marketing and advertising tool for promoting your business.

When you distribute business cards, you certainly want to leave a lasting impression and to be remembered by your business contacts. By having a good business card design, it definitely helps you to distinguish your level of professionalism from the rest of the competitors. Of course, a fantastic business card design does not promise you instant success, but it’ll definitely help you to speed up the process. Thereby, choosing the right business card design is important and requires careful considerations so that it will not look cheap and may tarnish your reputation in this highly competitive business world today. Here are some pointers to help you create an effective business card design:

Nature of Business

Always remember to choose a theme that best suits your business, individual style and your business industry. If you’re in the childcare industry, a formal black and white type of card may not be quite effective for making a favorable impression among your clients. Color and Images

You need to pay special attention to the type of colors in your business cards. Colors should be matched according to your business industry and style. For instance, if you’re in the funeral industry, bright-luminous type of colors may not be too appropriate. Considering the limited space of a business card, do keep the amount of images to the minimum for easier referencing. Placement of Business Details

Ensure the placement of your personal and business attributes are in the correct order. Important details such as name, phone number and email address should be printed clearly. Unnecessary information should be kept away as much as possible.

Keep Your Business Details Up-to-date

Ensure that the details of your business card are up to date. Business card with outdated contact numbers and addresses should be amended before distributing to your clients.

Bạn muốn gia nhập với chúng tôi

Sometimes this is the irony of promoting your businesses products and services, because for a fact that you want to make your business recognizable and earn more sales of course.

Giấy chứng nhận là một phần thưởng công bằng cho chất lượng của chúng tôi